Hiring Rm wraps to install your wraps.

If you have a lot of doors, cabinetry, walls, tables, trim moldings and more. You can hire Rm wraps out.

Rules are: You pay the the materials, traveling expenses ( Airfare, gas, car rental, hotel or a room, etc.) 25% of the labor.

Rm wraps will record everything. Emails, taking before and after pictures, (if we can) post it on all the social media, have a contract and more. 

Rm wraps has a Contractors Lic #RCT-37816 and insured. 

Tell Rm wraps what you want to do.

(Company) is paying for the flight and traveling cost. When Randy Miller gets done, (company) will pay remainder. 

RM wraps will will pay for the traveling cost. $1000 Flight -

$500 travel fee both ways (East cost) New York, Florida. It's a Full day flight one way. 

$250 Travel fee both ways (west cost) LA, Seattle. Its takes 3 hours one way.

$?? Hotel 2 nights for starting out.


Once (Company) pays online or pays the down payment Randy will start the process of coming to the jobsite. 

$520  8-hour labor day  

$650 10-hour labor day

$?? Hotel night cost

Car rentel or Uber ??

Customer pays for all the materials. 

Please fill out the form, so when I contact you, it will be faster to tell you the cost.

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